7 Kid-Friendly Tips For Moms This Summer

1) Daily Outfit Prep
Okay, so you’ve got your outside play clothes, swim clothes, out-in-public clothes, school clothes, you know the drill. Get a bunch of bins or use organizational shelves/dresser drawers to organize outfits at the start of each week so you can get the kids dressed in a pinch!

2) Create Organizational Routine
Routines will save you so much mental energy and stress. And not just daily schedules, but even having meal menus picked out, personal needs scheduled, chore rotations, you know! This frees up the mind so much and allows your mind to focus on the million other random factors that can pop up in a day.

3) Stay Flexible
So routines are great but it’s also important to keep the day flexible enough for unexpected moments because we all know they’re inevitable. Spilled milk, booboos, meltdowns, all the fun stuff. Having some open space and backup plans can help with the unexpected so the whole day isn’t ruined.

4) Turn Work Into Play
Kids love to play and hate being forced to do anything. That’s old news. The trick is to turn the chores into games! It's funny how cooperative they’ll be about cleaning if you make it a race. Let the siblings try to beat each other’s times, or just start a timer and let them go at it!

5) Turn Frowns Upside Down
Often times a little scratch from playing or bad interaction can seem like the end of the world for a kid. Next time they hurt themselves, make them laugh. Try to keep it light and don’t let them stay focused on the pain. Or when they get mad, tell them to take a time out and look for something that makes them smile. Corrective language is difficult to communicate to kids, keep it light and don’t let those moments bring you down!

6) Time To Unplug
Noise, noise, noise. We have loud TVs, radios, computers, pads, phones, everything these days is putting out some kind of signal. It can be overwhelming to our subconscious. Try unplugging your devices or putting them in another room for part of the day. Step outside without your phone. Little steps can go a long way. Your kids will thank you for it one day.

7) Always Laugh
Life is hard. And busy. And crazy. Take time to smile in the chaos. So many little things weigh us down on a daily basis so any natural pick-me-up is incredibly important. It’s always easier said than done, but staying mindful of it is the first and most important step in making it part of your every day life. The more you laugh, the more your kids will too!

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