5 Tips To Help Handle A Little Picky Eater

  1. Be The Example
    Stay patient. Be the adult in the room. Kid spits food out or throws silverware or yells. Deep breath. Relax. And eat your food in an enthusiastic way. Show them it’s good and fun.

  2. Cut Out Distractions
    No pads, phones, or other screens. This teaches focus and curbs those bad habits of wanting to be somewhere else all the time. When it’s eating time, it’s eating time. They’ll get it eventually. Hopefully.

  3. Collaborate
    Bring your kid along to the grocery store! Let them pick out ingredients. They can help prepare the food or even just bring in groceries and help get you the tools you need to cook. Make them feel like they’re being helpful (even if they get in the way!).

  4. Keep A Routine
    Having a set time and place for meals is so important. It creates a memory pathway in the brain so no matter what’s going on, your kid knows it’s time to eat. It also helps you plan when snacking is okay.

  5. Keep It Fun and Creative
    Cut foods into fun shapes or pretend they’re something fun (broccoli is a giant tree!). Or get crazy with some ingredients. Add colors, fun shapes. Try something new and don’t be afraid to step out of the box.

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