5 Fun DIY Halloween Activity Ideas For The Kids This Year

1.) The Toilet Paper Mummy Race
Wrap your kids up with toilet paper like mummies and have them race around the yard or living room! Get some Halloween music playing and don’t forget to include a sweet reward.

2.) Pin The Spider On The Web
Hang a big spider web on the wall with either fake spider web material, poster board, or a backdrop, then get out the blindfolds! Just like pin the tail on the donkey, but way spookier.

3.) Pumpkin Bowling
Line up some pumpkins and gourds in the driveway then get a basketball or kickball or really any kind of ball to use as your bowling ball! Kids love knocking things down.

4.) The Spooky Treasure Hunt
Leave themed clues around the house in the form of notes with items like vampire teeth, spiders, zombie toys, you name it. The end is a pot of sweets!

5.) Jack-O-Lantern Contest
Who can carve up the best looking spooky pumpkin? Make sure you do your shopping first to get the right tools to avoid cuts or frustrated kids!

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