Mama’s New Year’s Resolution List

  1. Spend more time in nature
    Spending more time outside can improve your health. Make it a habit this next year to spend more time in nature. Exercise outside instead of going to the gym, have lunch outdoors, and try to spend your weekends out in nature.

  2. Sleep at least 8 hours
    A good night's sleep is really important. Sleep is vital to your overall health and well-being, and losing even one hour of sleep can effect your ability to think properly and respond quickly.

  3. Take up a new hobby
    If you have a bad habit that needs breaking, how about trading it up for a new one? Try surfing, singing, knitting, or whatever other pastime hobbies you think will make you smile.

  4. Master one of your grandmother’s recipes.
    There’s something about grandma that gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside, and even more when you think of that one special meal she would always make. Why not gather all the ingredients for grandma’s dish and try to master it yourself?

  5. Eat more meatballs!!!

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